Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fiske Steakhouse, AU3, Keramat

Chinese New Year Big Feast! This was interesting..when every chinese in the world having their big feast couple of days ago...we sorta had our own feast....Not so big..but can do laaa..

Of all any steakhouse that we had been tried out...this is one of the most recommended by the family as the servings are in a reasonable portion, mixed with saute mushroom-coleslaw-steamed broccoli-creamy spaghetti and of course with the steak on a single plate (which you will not get bored munching them). PLUS they come with a reasonable price..

Special Grilled Beef

Special Grilled John Dorry (Fish)

Special Grilled Chicken

Mushroom Soup served with Garlic Bread

..Few memorable shots....
...Mr Viking: 'I love beef'..

...parted by glasses...

...4-year-old thumbelina: the thumb sucker..


Tok Ibu: I'll be cuddling my own grandchild soooonn..

...bole tahan la...

...Acu Yaya...nose picker?..

...the one yg kena 'POW' that day..Pak Long...

..everybody was enjoying good FREE food..Thankx Pak Long.



Ein Auzai'y said...

Hey Ja...

Yea...everybody had a good time on that day...ini pun dah 4 meja kita guna...even Mikel ate some of the mashed potato..then another reunion on March at PD...we had to do this nak tambah anak buah baru...must be happening giler nanti...

peah @ peps said...

Ein Auzai'y
..hehehe..ya lorr..makan free..:)

huhu..sedey..this March..guess me+shan+baby couldn't make it..ibu ngan ayah...aku suh pegi..let them have time off...

alo..makcik..when r u going to update your blog...ngehhhhh...

elani makrai said...

alaaa, best nyer. aku x dpt g coz ammar x ley kuar mlm plus dia x ley mkn lg time nie, nti saliva attack plak slama kta mkn..

tue la, aku menunggu tok g PD. tp sedey gak ko n shan n baby x dpt g. the more the merrier la kt kn.. huhuuu

elani makrai said...

btw, faliq g tak gak nyer...
aku pon weirdly missing him...agak nyer baper tahun x jumper dh. last wedding ko jer la.. faliq2..dh luper kt cousins2 kt kl..huhuuu
ammar pon dia x penah jumper..

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