Saturday, October 30, 2010

Telur Ajaib

..telur ni boleh bercakap..

Oxyderm Treatment, Tini Spa, Ampang

..AAhh Soothing...

Beauty and health is a one major subject of its own.  Wide enough that no one can provide proves which treatment is the best for everyone.  Nonetheless, it is better for one to experiment on his/her own.  As being said, "Prevention is better than Cure".  but the risks are all yours.

I was so attracted with the 'Oxygen Facial', which my friends had went for, and I was thinking, why not?.  and Oh-My-Prada...I had instant results.  The dermatologist did half of my face first and showed me the difference between the other half.  My cheek was a bit uplifted, the wrinkles around the eye and mouth has shrunk a bit, the dark-swollen eye bag has flattened.

However, the treatment needs to be done weekly for the very first 5 weeks and every fortnight thereafter.  Then came the price.  There's a package, for RM 1,768 you can get 6 facial treatments, 6 eyes treatments and 6 neck treatments.  I was like 'What-The-Fudge'..(that came in an instance too)....I could not afford this.  

So I smiled...and went off.....

The End.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giuliana and Bill Rancic

..They are back at Astro channel 712..

The three of us Mr Shan, my mother and myself, got hooked up with the first season of 'Giuliana and Bill' and we had been waiting for months for the 2nd season to come out.  Now we can catch up with their new life experiences on Wednesday, at 10.20 p.m.

What Do I Love About Them?
  • They compromise each other's thoughts and says.  The whole drama was all about compromising.  
  • They motivate each other on their downward moments. 
  • They respect each other so well..
  • Giggly giggle couple.....
  • Checkout their awesome homes...

    I really hope that their marriage will last forever....and for all new couples out there like mr shan and I, this show can be a great guru....

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Peah Speaks #14: 7 Years Of Love Curse

    Me:   "How long were you married to your first wife ?"
    Him:  "7 years"
    Me:   "Your second wife ?"
    Him:  "7 years"
    Me:   "..and...Now?"
    Him:  "I have a girlfriend who is 13 years younger than me"
    Me:   "Wow...what had happened to your first 2 marriages?"

    The first marriage failed because the wife had to compete with the third person.
    The second marriage failed because the wife had to compete with his work.

    Him 2:  "Some people said that if you are married more than 7 years, than it is settled, the spell has been broken"
    Me:      "ooOooo...I never knew such thing until you had told me".

    ..the conversation went on and on..

    Its All About Competing For The Time, He Said...

    1.  He said that in every relationship, be it either you rich or poor, pretty or not, what does really matter is how much time you spend together with your other half...[Agree]

    2.  He also said that in any arguments...never ever be part away from your spouse...[Agree]

    3.  He also said that 'temporary separation' does not lead to any settlement, the further you stay apart, the more fragile your relationship will be...[Agree]

    4.  He also said that you need to tell your other half what you think, what is it that you worry about..and it is better if you argue a lot, curse each other, throw things....[Agree with the first part...Disagree with the second part]

    ...fuhhh...maintaining a relationship is a challenge to yeah?  But he has forgotten one thing....'Doa'....


    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Kutub Khanah

    ..pejam celik..pejam celik..dah toddler dah...

    (Bolok + Yus) = Aaron Syakir Ahmad Syihan

    ..Congratulation! For your 2nd breed, Pn Yusleyna Yusoff..
    ..ala..c-sec tak sakit la..:)

    Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Hartamas Shopping Centre

    Meal was delicious, except for the sushi.  We had bloated tummy, stuffing everything in less than 1 hour, as it is a buffet concept restaurant.  I would say it is a very good resturant to go to if we want to try out japanese dishes at a very reasonable price.  

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Tips Mak Datin..

    Ever wonder how all Mak Datins have beautiful skin?

    I had the chance to have this beauty conversation with one of the Mak Datins the other day.  She's in her mid-40 but her skin looks so youthful and vibrant.  What I love about her is that she does not have fair skin but she really stands out with that color. 

    These are some of the free stuff that I have extracted and compiled for us:
    • drink a lot and a lot of water
    • sleep for 8 hours. 
    • don't drink cold/ice drink
    • don't worry too much about ageing and smile, smile, smile....
    Even though deeply inside i knew that she definitely spend a lot on her skincare.  But what the heck...those free stuff might be very helpful. 

    P/s:  New to my skincare family:  Garnier Body LightExtra.

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Peah Nak Cakap #1: Buang Tebiat Ke Aku?

    entry kali ni lain sikit...

    "saya tgk blog kak fiza ni..utk link ke blog org"

    bulan2 yg lalu..ada jugak yg ckp ginih...

    "aku bukak blog ko ni...sebab nk tgk link2 shopping kat situ"...(ko sangat jujur beb...aku appreciate that)

    so..aku pun fikir2 balik...tak best kut belog-sepok aku nih....

    wahh...yellow pages kah?

    so..aku bole imagine...orang bukak blog ni...scroll dari atas sampai bawah....pastu...okay done! ...mana link si  minah-cun tuh.....

    aku sedey?

    mana boley sedey bebs...korang tetap bukak blog ni....kut aku tak dapat bagi citer2 least aku dapat provide source of information kat korang...walaupun mak bangun pepagi nak hapdet blog...mak masih ada semangat hokey...

    okla tadi ekceli aku nak citer pasal 'HANTU' dah skunk citer pasal hingus leleh ridiculous ni...ntahpapentah...

    oraitla...nak solat subuh...pastu nak vacum umah..pastu nak cuci dapur...pastu..pastu..pastu...nk tolong suami cari sesuap nasi utk seisi keluarga...berbekalkan RM 15 hengget..dari suami tercinta...yg tiap2 hari..bukak blog bini psychopath dia ni...tapi tak pernah komen pun...

    sebelum blah...aku nak rokomen blog jiran aku ni: tu nampak dia..kuarkan kamera..amek gambar kat jalan raya nun....

    okay kak zaida..ari ni kite nak gi makan mana???


    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    EEC 2010: Edaran Endurance Classic 2010

    EEC 2010 - Edaran Endurance Classic 2010 is an event held by Edaran Berhad annually. Therefore every year, there will be few staff selected from different departments to help out in this sport that I, myself, would categorized as the Rich-Men's sport.

    This was my first time being welcomed aboard as one of the committee.  Frankly speaking, I had mixed feelings at the very first place, but it ended up  giving me a different kind of exposure that i really enjoyed and treasured.

    Footnote:  All pictures published in this blog related to the EEC events are my private collections. These pictures are none other than to share the experiences that I had and not to violate others' privacy.

    EEC 2010: High Tea Event

    ..villa no 6..

    ..Far Left:  Dato' Ahmad Shabery Bin Cheek..

    ..keberangkatan pulang Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah....

    ..the Bodyguards..

    ..L to R:  Kak Nina (orang kuat committee), author, YAM Tengku Seri Temenggong Raja Tengku Baharuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah....(Adinda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong), Inar Salwanis with Wan Zaleha Radzi...Far Right:  Kak Azie..

    ..Datin Rizana Daud..

    ..the 'Istana Men'..

    ..Pn Narimah Mustafa..

    ..Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli and Puan Sri Faridah Abdullah..

    EEC 2010: Robin Hood

    ..ho ho ho...Tgk berapa belon pecah?  2 bebs...

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