Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peah Speaks #6

Browsing through....


friend A status: ...can't wait for holiday...
friend B status: ...yesterday's Yoga class was great..
friend C status: ...oo..Sale!..Sale! and shop!


friend P status: ...good bye work..hellew vacation...
friend Q status:
friend R status: ...gotta get

where on earth these people get their money and extra time from?

What The Fish???

1. Yoga...2 hours at the class equals to 2 valuable giggling hours with the kidz

2. Hell! 1000 grand for 8 sessions of facial...

3. Vacay? Calculating on whatever pockets that I have...Definitely needs 2 years of planning and savings...These people vacay hopping like taking a bus from Pudu to Jalan TAR...

and again..

What The Fish???

and oohh I am so envious of you people.....


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jom gi kebun...

..phew..what a tiring 'kebun' day today..

venue:  kebun sri pekan, bandar tenggara, johor

Rawa Steamboat, Johor Bharu

..ayam pandan..

..johor? otak-otak? harusss!..

more can hop to this interesting blog:  colour of my life

waiting...and waiting...

..touch down..

...alhamdulillah..e-boo and baba dah sampai..

Why IT Projects failed?

..because we don't 'THINK'..

Venue:  Edaran Training Room, Desa Pandan

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm renting...should I decorate my rented bunk?

A friendly friend threw me this question some time ago....and I said "Yes"..."but not too much, I guess".....I understand her..since I'm renting as well...Don't spend a lot..just a long as the house feels homey...that is okay...

Another friend who was just recently married; who is also renting....asking me how to have a spacious living area for a small apartment..Hopefully these pictures from my own living room helps...its 17' x 10'...It serves the purpose of a living room...not too cluster...and easy to maintain...

Note:  you may want to properly plan/choose the curtain and the carpet...Mine are a bit off at the moment...due to the budget constraint...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malaysia - Brunei PhotoTransit....

KL Sentral - KLIA - Kota Kinabalu International Airport - Brunei International Airport

Note:  Thanks to eyan for the tips and tricks...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peah Speaks #5

Couple Of Years Ago..

Me:  'boss..bole tanya sikit..Is there any ways nak revise salary kat sini..Bole apply tak..through  camana cara'..
Boss Lama:  ' nak resign?'
Me: 'Nope..Mr Gaara perlu di-revise gaji dia..I mean..he's a good programmer..and what's he's tak sepadan'
Boss Lama:  'Bla..bla..bla..SDLC...bla..bla..project involvement..bla..bla..achievement'
Me:  (ape bende mamat ni merepek..tak faham soklan kah)...
Boss Lama:  'You ingat kat luar tu senang ke..byk company susah..'
and so Mr Garaa resigned a year later..leaving the sand country to the leaf country..
and so did the boss...months afterwards...
Few years later with a different boss..
Me: ..(same questions)..
Boss: ..(same answers)...additional credit - 'Sabarlah'..
Me:...(same explanation)
Boss:..'You ingat kat luar tu senang ke..byk company susah..'

So To Speak
1.  This is what I realized in most of small/medium size company's life cycle...rarely a win-win situation..
2.  I am watching drama-spektra-TV1...these bosses have the same 'script'!...guess the scripts come together with the employment contract...
3.  My butt are tingling now...If I don't win this year will open up a new diary for me...ya? no?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Cousins Of Life.....

tee, ja (me!),ein, adek

Remember those times when we crazily addicted to roller blading?
Remember those times when we did the Backstreet Boys' Routine?
Remember those times when we always go to that recently-burnt-down shop buying choki-choki?
Remember those times when we had to go tuition during school holidayz?

...I do....

Note to tee:  you were too small back then..but i will always remember you being my 'gedem'...thanks for always 'ganged up' with ayu......

Note: missing spots for 'baby','my bro-faliq','my sister-ayu'..

Peah Speaks #4

One Fine Evening...

95.8..Fly fm rush hour

DJ Jules:  Today..we are going to talk about 'who do you possibly want to be and impossibbly want to be'..
DJ Prem: 'Call us now at 03-XXXXXXXXX'


Caller:  'I would possibly want to be my boss..because I want to know how does it feel to ask your staff to work on the weekends'
DJ Jules:..(laugh)
DJ Prem:..(laugh)..'that's a cool one, man!'
Caller:  'I would impossibly want to be pierce brosnan..for his sexiness, charisma and a chick-magnet'
DJ Prem:...'How cool is that'..
DJ Jules:...'How weird is that for a man to complement another man..I mean..really?'..

and then ..there it goes...building castle in the sky....tink!
hmm...If I want to be someone...who would I want to be?

Who Do You Want To Be?

Alicia Keys!  great voice, gorgeous, rich, famous....

but I never lived her life it that great?

well people will never be grateful on things that they have....till the moment they lost it..
so..I am grateful for whoever that I am now...

..anyway..just for fun's sake....'Who do you want to be???'


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Al Rawsha, Bulatan Kg Pandan

..Food was good...service was damn slow..
Mr Ayah:  'Takpe..sabar..mungkin dorang ni dari Palestine'..
Me:  Insaf terus...' 

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