Monday, May 18, 2009

Yesterday..I was in Beijing..

...Beijing, Amcorp Mall...

...Edaran is

...especially En Hatta the SVP..

...Me: 'En Hatta mesti bangga Edaran byk tanya soklan'..
...Kak Emy: 'Jgn risau..Memang dia sangat bangga..En Hatta memang lama ada sini..'
...Me: Haha...(pecah perut smlm)

..En Hatta..if u r reading this...Kak Emy..loves you so much..

After bottles of Burberry Brit...

...'ngam' with me..and its cheaper...

p/s: ...grab it now folks..u might walk away with the 'old school' sling bag...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Its our morning walk..


..after..zzzZZZz..(15 mins to be precise..)

Am i getting bored with stuff lately...

..Smocked top that i used to wear during pregnancy..

..has now become my new skirt..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hollow Baby - Part I...

..Now you see me..

..Now.. don't..

p/s: kids..don't do this at home...this stunt was being done by a competent stunt professional..

Siesta... it..




..eee..i'm late for my next..

short nap..happy siestaaa everyone..

Can I have theseee now..

...avocado pudding with ice cream + nata de coco..

..Prawn Macaroni Cheese..Cheesyy..

..Mr Shan's fav...Expresso Alfhagatto?..Alfafa?..Ala-lupe la...

I've been tagged by Dedek

Hi dedek..thanks for tagging kakak sendara mu ini ya..wallpaper kanda sangatla boring..but..just to reply ur tag...

1)Anda perlu printscreen wallpaper anda yang tengah gune skang..jgn tipu2 ek..
..wallpaper set to none..

2)Bagitau kenapa anda suka wallpaper anda..
..suke ke...suke takde wallpaper...sebab i really need a good performance punya machine..

3)Tag 10 orang
..huhu..sama gak..I invite those under my bloglist...

I've been tagged by Alyyani..

Hi Allyani..if u're reading this I would like to say thanx for tagging me..There's nothing interesting that i keep other than my daily necessities..But we go..

A. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse
B. Introduce your purse brand, price & where you buy.
  • Esprit;RM 80++;Esprit Boutique,The Curve
C. Take out whatever its inside your purse
..dun't have any credit cards..never had one indeed..

..usually i only bring 10 ringgit for my lunch..kalau tak cukup...biasa pow orang..

D. Tagged other 7 persons.
  • Simon Cowell and his 6 friends...
  • Everyone that I list under my bloglist...(guess its unfair to select only 7..hehe)
E. Comment on your friend’s (who tagged you) purse.
..blogger Alyyani..whom i knew from the mommy blogging community..I think Alyyani is a loving mother whom also a fun-caring-friend to have...Nice knowing you Alyyani..:)

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