Saturday, November 27, 2010

Movie Marathon: It Is The Night Of Love

Its Friday night again!..I love Friday nights.  Its our movie night!...Let's check out whats in the list...

Eat, Pray, Love.  Two words - "Heavy Drama".  I love the fact that Julia Robert is acting it, but if it was someone with less talent, this movie might turn out boring.  Mr Shan gave up half way watching and my mother felt asleep on the couch.  I love how this story live in the life of someone who is lost in love and finding her needs.  Does anyone out there have read the book? Does it give more impact than the movie?   

Knight And Day.  Even though it was rated as average by the movie critics, but it was so finely made to me.  I love the bubbly June Havens character in this movie and Roy Miller is so errrrrr (I don't really have the word for it).  A must watch movie if you love romantic comedies.

Shrek - Forever After.  Its the final Shrek movie as we heard.  Glad that this movie has come to the end.  This time its all about appreciating LOVE.  To those who take love for granted, watch this movie.  If an Ogre and a donkey can understand the meaning of love, you should too.

Full House, Giza Mall, Kota Damansara

The desserts and cakes were tasteful but I wasn't so overwhelmed with the main dish.  A bit flat to the tounge I guess., love, love the deco.

Friday, November 26, 2010

2010, Money and 2011?

2011 is just around the corner and I bet everyone has started thinking of visions and goals.  Its too early though to disclose your missions but anytime is a good time to speak in blogosphere...

This is what keeps on rambling in my head day-to-day.  Money.  I don't have a big payslip, I don't have any business talent and I am certainly not a big-risk taker.  So I don't see myself driving a big fancy in 2011 because I know I can only afford steering the 660cc drive machine.

More or less money you have, the no 1 rule of money is 'Management'. 
Anyhow, If you guys don't mind, I would like to share some of the practices that I have created in 2002, have carried since then and will be carried forward to 2011.

1.  Fencing System (Pagar Duit)
I have registered few bank accounts years back.  When the money comes in every end of the month, the first thing to do is to seggregate the money to these accounts.  Each account must have a limit of 'spending'.  You do the limit.  Say for example, you have 270 ringgit in your account.  Put 200 as your fence.  Do not fall from that fence, or you will be eaten by an alligator. 

2.  AKSD (Aku-Kena-Simpan-Duit) method
If you are living in Malaysia you have the access to these minor-risk investment from an institution called PNB.  Think your ASB account as your pet.  Feed the pet and the pet will get fat.  Save up as less as 50 ringgit per month without fail.    

3.  Daily Food Allowance
I am receiving daily food allowance from my husband for 15 ringgit.  In year 2009 it was 10 ringgit.  The years before were lesser.  Having 1 extra money container really helps.  Everytime there is balance, I'll shift it to the other container.  Without realizing it, there is 50 ringgit in the container.  Then its sushi feast!

Those are the simplest methods that I have used to manage my daily financial routine. If its a good practice to may turns out good to you too.  So give it a shot...

...thanks bungaoren for the photo-shopping session..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nanny 911

I did not know about this TV program until yesterday.  Bungaoren and I were talking about how most kids afraid of their father, hence they will act so obedient when the father is around.  While listening, Ashiena, suggested this TV program which was actually being shown at NTV 7 in March, 2010! 

Nanny 911 is a reality show about a team of nannies that helps out families in the US handling their mischievous children; at least that's what they thought of the little ones. 

On the show, these Nannies will observe the family living pattern and communication on the very first day as well as analyzing whose fault was it that has turn these cuties into monsters.

The nannies have 7 days to:
  • train both parents and the children to work as a team
  • train the parents the right way of parent-child communication (yelling and screaming definitely are out of the windows)
  • train everyone to respect each other.
I have watched 3 episodes from season 1 so far, and I strongly recommend you to watch it.  This is really an amazing reality show. Watch It! 

Click these links to watch (Video Streaming):

Monday, November 22, 2010

Peah Speaks #16: "I dare you to love..."

These couple of months are the months of love for all my loved-ones.  My sister in law will be getting engaged in a few weeks time, one of my best friends is getting married this upcoming new year, and one of my gal is sailing away with love; and yes! she had been proposed..and the sky had never been so beautiful like today....

Relationships are a knot of happiness..but LOVE doesn't stay with may tag along initially but it may disappear...LOVE is like a balloon...if we tie it would fly away..easy?

I'm a love hunter...yes i truly am..I had lost few balloons before......but not because of my slipping hands, it just that those balloons were not meant to be in the first place...but if i didn't have the curiosity of having those balloons.. i would never have this amazing and beautiful balloon right now...

Married, engaged, or in a relationship does not guarantee a long life happiness i said..its just a knot that comes with vows...but i assure you that it is also a door after another which leads us to the adventure of our own...imagine what adventures have we missed if we don't have the courage of opening it...

My hope for all the singles, have the nerve and endurance to explore the new world of love...and to those whom knotted with vows...remember to keep the love flying..and the sky will always be beautiful for us......


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taiwan House, Ampang Point Shopping Complex, Ampang

It was lunch time on Friday..and we were tremendously hungry, but had no idea where to go to...and POP!...I could smell the glass noodles soaked in tasteful broth aroma...from far far away...

...slurppp..thanks Qila for the company..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Islamic Architecture: Great Mosques All Around The World

Once upon years little-me...loved to go to the library..and sat at one specific corner flipping the architectural books, magazines and atlas...That little me..told herself that she would want to become an architect...

Years passed by...and

Pooff..that dream didn't come true, somehow..but the grown up little-me still in love seeing great buildings...Enjoy what grown up little-me had compiled for everyone..

Al-Hambra Mosque, Spain

Kul Sharif Mosque, Kazan, Russia

Amr Bin Aas Mosque, Cairo Egypt

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Pakistan

Buyuk Majidiye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Cifte Minareli Madrassah, Erzurum, Turkey

Cyristal Mosque, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Djenna Mosque, Timbuktu, Mali

Dolmabahce Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey

Great Mosque, Xian, China

Masjid An Nabawi, Madinah

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