Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've been tagged by Alyyani..

Hi Allyani..if u're reading this I would like to say thanx for tagging me..There's nothing interesting that i keep other than my daily necessities..But we go..

A. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse
B. Introduce your purse brand, price & where you buy.
  • Esprit;RM 80++;Esprit Boutique,The Curve
C. Take out whatever its inside your purse
..dun't have any credit cards..never had one indeed..

..usually i only bring 10 ringgit for my lunch..kalau tak cukup...biasa pow orang..

D. Tagged other 7 persons.
  • Simon Cowell and his 6 friends...
  • Everyone that I list under my bloglist...(guess its unfair to select only 7..hehe)
E. Comment on your friend’s (who tagged you) purse.
..blogger Alyyani..whom i knew from the mommy blogging community..I think Alyyani is a loving mother whom also a fun-caring-friend to have...Nice knowing you Alyyani..:)


alyyani said...

it is nice to know u too peps! & yq for doing my homework :D

p/s : say no to crdt card.

peah @ peps said... pleasure teacher..:)..dapat 'A' tak ni..

Anonymous said...

aku nmpk muka shan kat kad2 tu...hahahaha...

tee yg mata kuyu ala2 katie holmes dan tajam!!hahahahahhaha..ok someone punch me!

peah @ peps said...

..tee..nasib ko takde blog..kalau tak..each and every Man's image akan ku tenyeh..ngehhh..

elani makrai said...

hahahahaaa...best2! ok gak tee jd reader jer...aku bole byg klu dia ader blog...ngehhehehee

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