Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mens are from Mars..

Earlier that day, my colleagues and I had this conversation on 'Men and their self-centered attitude'....I will definitely not going to label Mr Shan that way...We do have differences... but we always tolerate...*wink* him a hardware store is like a shopping mall... him a fun like a must have handbag...

...and to him..cables are like rack of dresses to choose on...

..but at the end of the day...our small space belongs to each other..

Venue: Ace hardware, IKANO


sHibI said...

men and self centered attitude something that tight together like a package kan sis *sigh*

peah @ peps said...

dat one subjective jugak la shibi..i met quite a few in my life..luckily i got married with a non-self-centered one..:)

even so, we are not that perfect either...*wink*

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