Friday, July 31, 2009

Code Of Fame

I had no reason to ramble for the past few weeks...My minds were like being switched off for some reasons that I didn't know...

Despite every normal routine that I'm living in..I am just being a happy programmer.... a happy team member...a happy team leader...I am sooo happy I just went blank...I just couldn't say a word..I just smiled...

For all team and then...thank you..thank you..and thank youuu...for closing ePerhilitan development project....and I am truly sorry for being a pain in the neck...being so 'O' blood type...and being so harsh at times...whateva it is....however people underestimated guys made it real!!

All memories will definitely being treasured in my heart.....(definitely in my blog)...

Code Of Fame
  • Eyan
  • Peps/Fiza
  • K.Zaida
  • K.Emy
  • Shira
  • Yati
  • Zulham
  • Shahira
  • Sheikh Raswan
  • Leen
  • Aqilah
  • Faizilah
  • Rohaizal/Abg Roy
  • Abg Ame
  • Apit
  • Sascha
  • 'Aiffah
  • Acu
special credit to apit (Initial creator for most of the engines)...a bit sedey..we didn't end this together as we planned bro ...

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nagakeciks said...

Salam sis ...

yeah,gua pun sedey x dapat same ngan korang sampai habis...

apepun , congratz to all team members , esp you as the team leader , you have done a good job , am proud of you...

Gua tumpang hepi utk perhilitan , sumbangan gua skit je , korang semua yg menjayakan...

kim salam tahniah pade semua, termasuk yg gua xkenal :p

lagik 1, lu ngan rania sape lagik berat?...hehehe

bungaoren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bungaoren said...

peps, congrate to you too.. because change from O blood type to OB+ blood type and related scheme..

ashiena said...

(... berlinangan...)

kasi belanja la ini kalu.. :)

peah @ peps said...

adoii...i feel so touched...thank u apit..

dah tukar balik kak emy...i am more comfortable jadi O..


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