Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Morrow To Positivity


Its been a while since my last post.

Despite good progress in so many things and ways in life, i have also faced good and bad challenges from the past year and writing seems to be the least thing that I would do to avoid unpleasant self expressing posts.

After doing self observation, I found that I'm being surrounded with selfish, rude and ignorant people.  Life has become rushy and kiasu.  Work should start at 8.45 daily, but never can go back at 5.45, and at least twice a week, I should come at 12 midnight.  Not to forget weekends.  Last month itself, I need to be at the office every Saturday, from 9 to 6.  Something that I didn't prep myself when I accepted the job offer in 2011.   

I had into fights and arguments, and indirectly it recreates the 'old' me.  Which I have tried to preserve years back.  Its a norm here.  The organization calls it 'proactive' attitude.  In order to survive, you have to fight.

Those painful things paid a good deal in March this year.  Not to say that I'm not grateful, but in my state, I would say life is not all about the money.    

So, enough of that.  Today, after months, I looked back at my previous posts and blog-hopping to my dear old blogger friends, and I found out how I missed out so many good things about blogging.  Different people with different lifestyles and stories.  Us documenting stuff that we experienced.  It is impossible to remember all, isn't it.  

Well, though that some people find out that blogging is a medium of showing off and stuff.  Its their right to feel that way, but they should know that its one way of 'muhibbah' and its the blog-owner's right as well to write anything that they want.  'Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih'.  No one is perfect and so do you.

Ummpphh... feel so much lively now after putting on one post.  Hopefully, I can spare a bit of my time to 'ziarah' lovely friends' blogs like the old times.  I sincerely have to apologize for neglecting our online friendship, and hope to see you guys on your next posts.


Yours Truly,
- Cik Peah -

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