Friday, February 5, 2010

Its dat time of the month!

PMS? I can handle...
This one? It doesn't stop coming...
Every now and then I'll get this - 'ohh..I don't look good' syndrome..
..its just typical me...
(basyeer ngan yus...definitely Mr Shan..mesti korang bosan je ngan post ni...)
I have Christina Ricci's forehead

I have big lips (bottom lip is bigger than the upper one) like Brandy Norwood

when I smile..I can show every tooth that I have..
I have Legolas' protruding ears
complaining? nope..
come on!...don't u feel that once in a while??
i kinda thing its good to have that syndrome...
so..I started googling...

-  How To Apply Make ups for being outdoors
-  Lipstick for sagging lips
-  Hairstyle for wide forehead


will this look work for me?
..we'll see..


elani makrai said...

ala, kay gak. atlest u dress well. aku lagi ngan tak make up n most of the time rasa macam tak cukup baju jer...heheeee... aku pon slalu gak ada syndrome nie...

bsyr said...

hahahhahhahaha dah bajet eh aku ngn yus n shan boring baca..weh BRANDY tu mmg ko la..haishh tak habis2 hahaha

peah @ peps said...

elani makrai 
..good syndrome..mcm good bacteria..

...wahaa..sangat2 dah budget...mmg takkan habes babe..

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