Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rosa, Denai Alam, Shah Alam - Double Frontage

rumah saya? N.O.P.E....
we actually invaded this house yesterday...selamba2 shot to denai alam..
 and while cruising around the area...we saw one house...'tak berkunci'...
..floor plan..Built up: 26' x 80'..
..the exterior..tropical concept..
..2 entrance..
left:  entrance to the kitchen..right: main entrance..
..not so big kitchen..Mrs Ibu's statement: 'small kitchen..bole buat cabinet mahal'..
okey..make sense..rumah pun dah mahal..
..main entrance leading to the dining area and there's a courtyard..
..tadaaa!!...good feng shui..
..the living area and the family area at the back..
..terrace that leads to the back of the house..
..lets go up!..
 ..master bedroom..with a lanai..
..cik peah sangat impressed with the toilet's finishings..
: area..
..courtyard seen from the top floor..
Mr Ayah was abled to invade the single frontpage design..while we spending our time 'ooh wahh wee' this house...and Mr Ayah claimed rumah tu cantik juga...aiseymann..
After went back home, cik peah googled and found out that this house was opened for booking sometime in 2008 with starting price from RM 520,000 and expected to be completed in March if u feel like trespassing this house...this is the time fellow friends!!..
urrrgghh..cik peah loves this house's concept and design....lucky buyerss...
and sorry...masuk tak bagitau ...tapi ada bagi salam yaa...


elani makrai said...

aku suke dia nyer sliding door. sangat uuuhhh to the aaaaahhh hehehe...

tapi mmg ada concept mat salleh coz kitchen kat depan...which country tak pasti la kan. mcm rumah susan desperate housewive.

peah @ peps said...

elani makrai 
i loike also..aah eh..mcm umah susan...

Fynnaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ardina said...

sangat suke ye... amat berbaloi... tak yah renovate dh...

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