Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hai Hai....:) ..Assalamualaikum....

I don't really know where to start.  Maybe by apologizing is a good idea.  Well, friends, sorry for not updating you guys with my 'current affairs'.  There are so many things happen and I just couldn't keep up with my time.

2011 is a good year for my family and I. 
  • We had a 20-days of vacation, 
  • After 2 years of waiting, we received our house key, and
  • I have resigned!
Our 20-days-vacation was definitely memorable.  We had our mini adventures discovering places in England, Paris and Ireland, especially in London.  We walked, took buses and trains to commute.  Even though it was summer, it was 40°c hot only for 2 days, but the temperature dropped afterward between 20°c - 11°c.  I was relieved that our 'cuti-cuti' fund was enough for the whole trip.

Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London

Secondly,  The House.  Its a simple built double-storey house I shall say.  I fell in love with it the minute I saw the plan and we were lucky to seal the deal 2 years ago.  The house key was actually released earlier than we expected.  It is ready but our 'rumah-rumah' account has not mature yet.  We are giving it a year or two, or maybe three to put things together.   

Third is about resigning.  After 5 years of service, I finally decided to leave.  I never thought that I could stay that long.  Bitter sweet memories, I have here in the company.  Despite from that, I've made friends with amazing people from every department, and I am glad and happy to know and work with them.    

Other than all these three highlights, I am also actively selling 'kerepek', 'custard pudding' and 'cheese cakes'.  It is a part time job that I hope can sustain as long as I live.  Its not a big margin business but it is satisfying and enjoyable.  My day starts early, as I need to bake, cook, and pack.  The usual time that I use to blog has being used for these slots.

Then go to work. Leaves work at 6.  Reaches home at 7.  Cook and have dinner at 8.  Then I am left with 2 hours of  fun time with my 2-year-old.  Everything shuts down at 10. 

Phew, at last I managed to complete this post.  Hopefully its not too long.  I just wish that I have more time to write in the future.  With this I leave you guys with a bit of entertainment.  Enjoy....

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