Monday, July 18, 2011

Fly To London: The Departure and The Arrival

It was ages since my last post.  I didn't have anything interesting to share other than my work issues.  Stressful!

Anyway, i visited Europe with my 13 other family members recently and I hope to share it with you all as a compensation to whatever loss that I made for this blog.

Left Home:  6:00 a.m
Checked In:  7:00 a.m
Depart:  10:00 a.m
Checked In Members:  13 pax

Yerp..The big striking green luggage belongs to the 3 of us.  We only brought 4 tops, 2 trousers and few undies each, 4 boxes of milk powder, few bottles of medicines and 2 big packs of pampers, and that weighed  22 kg!.

Parental Guide:  You can travel at ease to London by bringing any types of milk powder but remember to put it in the luggage and do not open the seal/boxes/packaging.  Pack as it is.  

He did a great job with a smile.  We were well served!  Once we checked in, I made a bit of promise to myself:
'I..Cik Peah..will savor/enjoy the trip for whatever happens there and will never check my email.'

Since we checked in quite early, we had to wait for quite sometime.

 The ship has boarded and its time to get in to the plane!  Thanks to Miss Rania, we didn't have to queue.

The 12-Hour Flight

Miss Rania at her very best behavior.  I was hoping that she'll keep it up once she awake, but nope!

Meals were served twice, and as usual MAS' peanuts and juices are served from time to time.  

....Fish served in bolognaise sauce:  Not one of my favorite.

..Bread Butter Pudding served with Custard Sauce:  This was remarkably nice!..

 We even had ice creams!  hmm...chubby isn't he?

..Chicken Salad:  I didn't like it as a whole, but the meat is so juicy.  I had 3 of it!.. 

...Snacks to kill time...

...Salmom Sashimi:....syukur alhamdulillah..laughing with joy...I had 4 of it!...  

...I watched...Pleasantville, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Haqq and 2 more movies that I could not recall....

 ....Uwan watched Haq....

   ...updates for the flight...from time to time....

 ....and we have arrived and I found that Heathrow airport was not as sophisticated as KLIA...

We were then being picked up by two gentlemen Abg Sam and Abg Kubik, pure Malaysians with two vans, and headed straight to Umi's place at Blackwater House in Churchstreet.

Accommodation:  Rumah Umi, Blackwater House, Churchstreet

  ...Blackwater House:  Rumah Air Hitam...The entrance...

...The backyard..I was quite surprised to see a door leads to a big compound...

...Subuh starts at: 2.30 a.m in the morning...sun rises at 4...

Rumah Umi is a double-storey apartment consists of 4 bedrooms and 2 washrooms, we rented 3 of can cook, watch tv, do the laundry, do whatever you like just like at your own place...Umi welcomed us with a welcome dish - Nasi Lemak.  She frequently drops by to clean the house as she lives with her daughter-Kak Zabeda not far away from here.

 ...The good thing about staying here is that it is exactly on the road where marketplace is.....
...and TESCO is just across the road!....

...Journey will be continued on the next post tomorrow...


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