Monday, November 23, 2009

Dancing With Words In Blogosphere... fellow bloggers...and definitely readers...

New year is just around the corner...i've started thinking of my next generic goals..'Generic Goals' ??....Cool 2 words from CMMI.

Being a normal human being, my goals keep on changing as the clock keeps on ticking..I've not yet churn every thoughts that I have at the moment...but..definitely..there are few things that i do need to change..or upgrade..or perhaps downgrade..

One of the biggest stuff that keeps on repeating in my wobbly head is to 'overhaul' my other blog - into something more readable, knowledgable, less emotional stuffs.... and it will certainly be my thinking sanctuary..

I realize that my vocabs are getting worst along my career path...some people realize that..and pow wow..some event slap me with slack criticisms ..As much as it is bitter to swallow..I just could not keep it off my head...It is somehow very true..I am a programmer..80% of world-wide programmers do not speak as much as they code..and..without any guilt..for 7 years...I..myself have somehow permitting this 'passive attitude' flows into my life.

Hopefully I can launch it sometime in January 2010..maybe after writing few articles and I do really hope that I have few good stuffs for you guys to read...but as I said will be something less emotional and more knowledgable stuffs...It might be boring to some ..but i'll try my very best to keep it interesting...

Target readers - definitely you guys!...and I really hope I can fish up few new readers...along the way...I have been making few new friends across the country, Indonesia and Singapore....just by having this blog...It really is great to have known you guys...

Marketing strategy?...I really need to blog hop more ya..

This will soon happen at ...I'm shutting it down temporarily for 'development progress'..and please don't stop visitting my 2 other blogs...

By doing this..I will definitely have my own pad to acommodate my ideas...summarize whatever that i read..disentangle whatever jumbled thoughts that i have, and definitely..this will force me to read what my father and any fathers would love saying...'more reading..more knowledge'...

Anyway guys..thank you for being a sport...and thank you for keeping yourself hopping to this blog even though I have not frequently feed you with any interesting my life is a bit blunt these days..

Silence or not...I Luv u all readers...and peace no war!....

1 comment:

elani makrai said...

takper ja, aku akan g baca kat sana nanti ja.

aku pong makin truk english huhuuu. benci kan...

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