Monday, November 23, 2009

Steam..Choo! Choo!..

-My Healthy Post-

..Mr Steamer..choo! choo!..
..mat salleh and father in law call it 'Brass'..:)
..I panggil 'Siakap'..
..sometimes..these Pomfrets jadi korban..
..put some seasonings..and u r ready to choo choo..

p/s:..killing 3 birds with 1 stone neh..

its 3 in the morning...i'm doing this while doing migration scripts for ePerhilitan..which i've promised to deliver a week ago...

WHILE also..evaluating Mr Shan's pop quote yesterday - 'sampai bile nak buat keje ni..'...errr...ting least I dah slow freelancing...okey perrrr...


elani makrai said...

bila la aku nak dapat tangan nak masak nie. aku skng bole la buat sup jer. kari, masak lemak sume fail...nak try pon takot hahaha...

peah @ peps said...


aku tibai je ni...steam cooking ni very simple ropenye...ko patut try..

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