Sunday, November 8, 2009

Raya Finale: Visitting Frenz...

...Thank you kawan-kawan...for coming...
...Yadon..laksam utara hang mmg marvellous...
...they kinda good at babysitting..
...Meet Uncle Yadon..goreng unc. gorengggg..

..Min's balcony...breathtaking!...
..bell - license to a good papa..checked!...
Meet the Utara rangers (From Left - Right)-
Hang Kuala Kedah, Hang Alor Setaq, Hang Kulim, Hang Perlis..
then we off to Bolok and Yusz' place..tapi camera tinggai dlm keta..
it was fun..but of course..the more the merrier we could be
c u guys..kat kenduri bell next month!...

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