Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Post Large Photos in Blogspot...

Respond to a request from Tinta Diari Maya Mia.  Thanks for dropping by ya Mia..
This is a large photos in blogspot.
Big credits to eyan from Thoughts for teaching me this...

1.  Goto Customize > Settings > Basic

2.  Scroll down..until you find Global Settings > Select Post Editor.
3.  Choose 'Updated editor'.
4.  click 'Save Settings' button down under..

5.  Close your browser [e.g:  Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox]..and re-sign to your blog back.
6.  You will now see the tool bar (highlighted in blue line box) has changed / being updated.

7.  Choose the 'Insert Image' icon to upload your photos.

8.  Add an Image dialog box will pop out now...All you gotta do now is just uploading your pretty pictures.

9. Select a picture and click 'OK'

10.    Your picture will appear at the editor.  Automatically a sub-tool bar will appear by the side of the picture.  'Small-Medium-Large-X-Large' have all the size that you want!...

11.  As for me..I always choose 'X-Large' - and 'Center'..wallah!..automatically...your pictures being resized without any distortion.

12.  Just repeat steps 9 - 11 for all the pictures...
Happy Blogging!..:)

Big credits to eyan from Thoughts for teaching me this...Thank You Babe!


ashiena said...

weeee ~ ! happy blogging.

eynda said...

Cara ni boleh jugak kan cuma takde watermark aje la... :-)

Mia-Ina said...

akan nie..ari2 cuba yg kak eynda xjd ..huhuhu..nk nangis...xpe..xpe..cuba cara peps lak..insyaallah klu boleh, mia gtau ye..hehe

Mia-Ina said...

dah ok...tq peps..

Zach Reza said...

Thank you! This is very helpful ;)
Beautiful pics of home decor/interior, moving to new house eh? Nice :D

peah @ peps said...

..weee..thanks eyan..

..o ye kan eynda...maybe to all..kalau u guys nak buat watermark..just edit the pictures from photoshop adding 'text' on top of ur pics.

..ohh dah boley dah...yeay..glad to help..

Zach Reza 
..yeayy.. la..its just a hobby..looking at these magnificent houses can sometimes be considered as 'mind therapy'...

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