Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peah Speaks #14: 7 Years Of Love Curse

Me:   "How long were you married to your first wife ?"
Him:  "7 years"
Me:   "Your second wife ?"
Him:  "7 years"
Me:   "..and...Now?"
Him:  "I have a girlfriend who is 13 years younger than me"
Me:   "Wow...what had happened to your first 2 marriages?"

The first marriage failed because the wife had to compete with the third person.
The second marriage failed because the wife had to compete with his work.

Him 2:  "Some people said that if you are married more than 7 years, than it is settled, the spell has been broken"
Me:      "ooOooo...I never knew such thing until you had told me".

..the conversation went on and on..

Its All About Competing For The Time, He Said...

1.  He said that in every relationship, be it either you rich or poor, pretty or not, what does really matter is how much time you spend together with your other half...[Agree]

2.  He also said that in any arguments...never ever be part away from your spouse...[Agree]

3.  He also said that 'temporary separation' does not lead to any settlement, the further you stay apart, the more fragile your relationship will be...[Agree]

4.  He also said that you need to tell your other half what you think, what is it that you worry about..and it is better if you argue a lot, curse each other, throw things....[Agree with the first part...Disagree with the second part]

...fuhhh...maintaining a relationship is a challenge to yeah?  But he has forgotten one thing....'Doa'....



Anonymous said...

Nicely put. Agreed on the 7 years spell. Somehow everything are subdued.

And yes.. dua, solat jemaah and err... mandi sama. eheheh

ZuRin said...

yup...agreed! falling in love is easy but maintaining the relationship or marriage takes continuous effort. a lot of us take things for granted after so many years being married.thanks peah for sharing...semoga cinta sentiasa mekar dihati...;)

hyt said...

peah.. nak try comment tp tak lepas.. penat je tulis.. pastu hilang..

hyt said...

hehehhehee.. dah blh comment..
sesuatu hubungan mmg kompleks..

apa2 pn cyaiyokk !!

peah @ peps said...

yala...i forgot on the 'mandi sama' activity...hahaha..

thanks for reminding as well..kena balik cepat..nak mandi ni....

peah @ peps said...

...u're welcome...anyway..i'm still a novice in this marriage thingy..Need advices and opinions all around, to at least keeping the relationship 'segar'

by the way..I love the way...your husband surprised you on your birthday...sangat lomantik..

peah @ peps said...


anyway yati...gud luck ya!...there's still a long way to go...

iera@Syahira said...

agreed also for the statement..

peah @ peps said...

..true kan..but don't ever 'serik' with love okay, dear...lain pedang lain hulunya...lain orang...lain perangainya...:)

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