Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oxyderm Treatment, Tini Spa, Ampang

..AAhh Soothing...

Beauty and health is a one major subject of its own.  Wide enough that no one can provide proves which treatment is the best for everyone.  Nonetheless, it is better for one to experiment on his/her own.  As being said, "Prevention is better than Cure".  but the risks are all yours.

I was so attracted with the 'Oxygen Facial', which my friends had went for, and I was thinking, why not?.  and Oh-My-Prada...I had instant results.  The dermatologist did half of my face first and showed me the difference between the other half.  My cheek was a bit uplifted, the wrinkles around the eye and mouth has shrunk a bit, the dark-swollen eye bag has flattened.

However, the treatment needs to be done weekly for the very first 5 weeks and every fortnight thereafter.  Then came the price.  There's a package, for RM 1,768 you can get 6 facial treatments, 6 eyes treatments and 6 neck treatments.  I was like 'What-The-Fudge'..(that came in an instance too)....I could not afford this.  

So I smiled...and went off.....

The End.



bungaoren said...

Nice info. We should go there when we have enuf money okei? lets collect some money from now.

peah @ peps said...

huhu.. I am thinking of going there like once in 4 months..

hyt said...

jom.. beramai2 memeriahkan majlis.. hehehhehehe..

ZuRin said...

huhu...jauh pulak dari shah alam. it's been ages since i did facial treatment but i think i need one. bila nak pegi pon tak tau...:)

peah @ peps said...

..yati..jual la..barang sekeping dua treatment tu...

peah @ peps said...

...hehe..if u want to try out tini spa, shah alam...bole click at the provided link the bottom at the post..

Anonymous said...

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