Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mr Shan: 'When Its a NO...Its a NO...Period..'

Good morning everyone...

Guess what?  I met Hanis Haizi yesterday.  Hot Mama introduced me to her blog last year and I am very proud that she is a total success now.  I am not surprised that most of her followers idolize her, as she is so kindhearted to help anyone who wants to follow her steps. 

Her words of wisdom yesterday,
"Sesiapa follow steps tu..InsyaAllah berjaya..Tapi kalau tak berjaya...mesti ada something wrong..."

Simple and compact.  But that's the thing.  I have gigantic doubts following the steps.  It may work for me for the first few months, but I seriously do not want to burden my downliners especially my upliners for my lack of commitments.  I can see that is going to happen.

Not only that, my day-to-day life surrounded by non-pro network marketing people.  Top 3 will be - Mr Shan, Ayah and Ibu.  God knows what they will do, or say, but since I live with them, I can see how thick the challenges will be.  That will definitely redirect to my -lack of commitments-.

Anyway, I did what I supposed to do -getting the information-.  I am totally exposed to the network marketing strategies now.  Thank you so much to Kak Fizah for sharing her knowledge and yes, its true that there is a gold mine in this business. 

If anyone of you, my beloved readers, have intentions in making money but does not know how to do it, just ping/pm me at my email address  I will introduce you guys to K.Fizah and her team as they are fully committed, very helpful and very nice people too.

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