Saturday, November 5, 2011

London: Trafalgar Square

Happy Saturday everyone!...How was your week?  I had a good one.  Hope yours were too.

I would like to continue documenting our family trip to the UK, here at the blog through the photos, and would like to share it with you guys.  It may not contain the whole description of the journey but it dictates our 9 days stay at the UK.

In London, we either took a bus or just walked from Church Street.  The buses facilities are very convenient, the cheapest, and most importantly baby friendly.  It only requires you to buy an Oyster Card.  With 4£ per person, you can tour the whole London.

..double click the image to enlarge the bus' route and number...may be helpful to u...

The bus route interchange map. The system is so easy to understand.

Our 3rd day mini adventure brought us from Church Street to Trafalgar Square.  I always remember this place as one of the location in TV3 drama:  'Cinta Antara Benua' played  by Ahmad Idham and Azhar Sulaiman.  This was the location where the heroin walked at the square, through a flock of pigeons, wearing baju kurung with a  baseball jacket. Fashion antara benua...

I would say the square serves the same purpose as our own Dataran Merdeka.  Roughly two centuries ago, King George IV commissioned the architect John Nash to redevelop the area that being assumed as the center of London.  Nash envisioned forming an open square in the Kings Mews (King's Stable) which was built since the 14th century.

At the center, impose the statue of Admiral Nelson's that commemorate his victory and heroic death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Now, the square is being used for public and tourist attraction.  

National Gallery is a must see!..Unlike any other museums, here the admission is free.  The Victorian interior, the tiles that they used, and the domes are so breathtaking and beautiful.  If you are into arts and old paintings, well this is a place to go!....

...we tried lying on the grass too...can't do this at Dataran Merdeka..

...the open space of Trafalgar can see the Big Ben at the end of the road...

...wak Suhati....

..till our next pit stop..:)..daaa

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