Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello World

Hellew.  What a beautiful morning I had today.  I woke up at 5:30, took the train at 7:20, reached my destination at 8:00..Well, I should say a total change in my schedule.

9 years of working, I never took the train to work.  I drove.  Now I can see people walk here and there with books, laptops, electronic gadgets. I could sense the early morning vibes which I never did before.  That's beautiful to me.  I can see different people every day.

The best sight that I saw was when people from every races put up tables to sell nasi lemak, kuih, soya bean, newspapers.. There's a lot of them.  Customers swarmed like ants coming from both of the stations to buy breakfast.  Their return of investment can be pretty high..tskkk.   

What not nice to watch was an old lady sitting down on a bench with a pair of torn sneakers (bet she dug it from the dustbin) looking at the pedestrians with a pair of sad eyes.  I don't know what I felt, it cut me deep.  Not far away from her, laid a man with his private part flashing and disgusting yellowish liquid flowed from him.  Oohh.

Yerp, I think that's all I have in my mind right now.  I am 30 minutes away to see my new boss to report duty, and to see the new team that I will linger around for the next couple of years.

See you guys soon....

I suited up with black and grey attire. Dressed safe. Vibrant attire is a big no-no on anyone's first day at work. Its a neat look.  But I'm thinking of wearing sport-shoes to work than these aching heels.

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