Sunday, August 8, 2010

LEVIS: Love Your Curves

She said..I have..

....and I got RM 20 voucher by  just having 2-3 minutes chatting session with them...

Levis is currently having a road tour where there will be people measuring your hip, thigh, and bum  and they'll advise you what kind of jeans/cuts that fit you the best.....Pssst... I heard that they will be in Mid Valley shopping mall this week...Hush your curves out there ladies...

Venue:  One Utama.


sHiBi said...

this week as in weekend ka???

peah @ peps said...

I just went there to grab the voucher and fittings...then I grab a pair at my fav levis boutique, which is at the Garden...sebab time tu may not have the time to selak2 and belek2...sampaikan ada one time I gotta to share the fitting room with another lady...takmooo...

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