Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peah Speaks #9

..difficult discussion took place yesterday...

Mr Sales: 'What's the point of having self-appraisal if the boss has the last say'
Me:..(nodding..nodding) somehow agreed...
Mr HR: 'its actually good..because your points will be taken in and be considered'
Me:...(nodding..nodding)..partially agreed
Mr Sales: 'We have to change this staffs' grading..the levels should be more..bla..bla..bla '
Mr HR:'..okay..operation wise..this you have to talk to your bosses'..HR will arrange a meetup with them..
Me:...(nodding..nodding) ..


Mr Sales: 'Why don't we have appraisal for the external contractors..'
Mr Sales: 'Because they can do better work than any of our internal staffs here'..

That Was So Discouraging..

1. I thought we were supposed to be a team..

2. I still remember waking up doing demos for thank you..what an appreciation..

3. oohh...maybe he has forgotten that most of us...are like juggling our few working hours..executing multiple projects...sheesshh

4. ...discouraging other people somehow unacceptable ...Quick reminder: 'think before you speak'..

5.   ..astaghfirullah...



Mrs. Azhir said...


Maybe next time, he needs to conduct the demo by himself, ok ;)

peah @ peps said...

...hahaha as if..

but I may give him this - 'saya tak berapa lain bole buat kut'..the next time he asks...

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