Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peah Speaks #11

Me: "tak mo pegi bukak puasa?"

Girlfriend #1: "takde perasaan"

Me: "..okay..ingat nak pujuk pegi..since takde perasaan..takpela"

"If you were in my shoes"

1. "Where were you when i needed you the most?"...We were there but you never called.

2. Babe, i know that it is complicated...but you are starting to ditch us right now...

3. You make us believe that we are least important in your life.

4. Don't you remember those you-and-us days?

5. "I need more time"...... It has been years now. How many more years do you need?

6. Just break the ice!..Step up to the plate!.."ekeleh..easy for you to say"...

7.  Friends may come and go but 'these' friends were your family once.


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