Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peah Speaks #8

One hectic evening...

Programmer1:  "Dah2 jom balik"
Me:  "sat..sat"..thinking of fixing/executing one more line of sql statement 5 secs..started surfing on 'how to bake cotton japanese cheese cake'..

Me: "nk test buat cake ni la"...mind started wobbling and planning to buy all the ingredients
Programmer1:  "ish..baik buat script report tu mlm ni..dari masak cake tu.."
Me: puzzled..."dek..balik dah start job lain..being mommy ngan wifey is a task too"
Programmer1:  with apologetic grin.."hoho..betul tu..betul tu"

He's young..I Forgave him..nevertheless

1.  Once you step out of your daily job...your next duty calls (folding clothes, cooking, Mr Shan, Rania)

2.  I won't practically call it a 'task'..

3.  I am still learning juggling my daily routines..

4.  I've learnt that delaying any of your tasks (daily jobs/chores) would affect you...

5.  I may not get the best of both worlds..

6.  Prioritize does make me happy...don't you?



Saint Lucifer said...

cam penah terlibat je ngan situasi camni. what a coincidence.

peah @ peps said...

Saint Lucifer
..deja vu kut...hahahah

- L e 3 n - said...

hahah.. saya rase saya juga ada disitu mase tuh.. ahaks..

tapi hanya senyum n gelak jerk dibelakang.. ahaks

peah @ peps said...

...aha kantoi...bukan deja vu ler gamaknyer tu...

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