Thursday, November 18, 2010


I received chained emails few years back by my muslim brothers and sisters arguing the correct way of pronouncing the holiest city for Muslims from "Mecca" to "Makkah".  I am certainly with you brothers and sisters.  For all of your acknowledgement, "Mecca" was being used once upon a time and it was being argued due to the improper usage by certain parties.

Well, since its Eid Ul Adha, I did a bit of online research...Like I said, 'a bit'... 
  • Saudi Arabia had officially changed the spelling of the name of this city to "Makkah" a few years ago after realizing the derogatory usage of the word by the Western media and Western authors
  • A lot of businesses are (mis-)using the name "Mecca". "Motor-Mecca", "The Mecca Group", etc. It should be respectfully pointed out to such persons that the usage of the word "Mecca" to name their businesses is offensive
  • A billion and a half Muslims the world over, hold this holy city in the highest regard and veneration. To desecrate the name of this holy city by abusing it in this fashion is not acceptable.
  • The British Rank Corporation, which owns a chain of gambling and entertainment shops under the name of "Mecca", removed the name from its shop fronts as a result of protests from British Muslims.
  • Muslims should also be encouraged to adopt the proper spelling of Makkah, rather than the old, incorrect "mecca" version.
  • Madinah should rather be spelled as Madinah than being spelled as "medina".

Muslims have a duty to be vigilant and decisive in acting against anything that may be deemed sacrilegious, blasphemous or disrespectful to Islam or Muslims, all over the world.



fairus said...

Ya betul..

ZuRin said...

Thanks for sharing...yup as a Muslim its our duty to stop others from associating immoral activities with Islam and spread among Muslim so to create awareness.

nome said...

thanks peps...sudi berkongsi ilmu terutama sekali isu berkaitan dgn agama kita...alhamdulillah...

bungaoren said...

TQ sudi kongsi ilmu..

sHiBi said...

thank u for sharing how to phrase it =)

peah @ peps said...

..thanks as well to u guys...hopefully this tiny bit of concern can contribute major to the muslim world...

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