Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cik Peah's fashion runaway for 2011

Happy New Year everyone! How's your day one of 2011?  Good?  Anyway, as for Cik Peah, I've started my wardrobe enhancement as step 1.  With an approval from Cik Peah's domestic financial minister, Cik Peah made the very baby step no UNO by buying a long dress from Butik Najjah (owned by Farah Adeeba; the TV9 Nasi Lemak Kopi-O host and her friend Awin, the TV9 makeup artist). 

Having a petite figure and definitely short in height, gave me a very hard time to look for a long dress.  Anyway, I bought one for a test out.  I shall be wearing it for a friend's wedding tomorrow and we'll see what happen next.

Like anyone else, I am also wanting to upgrade my style to a more mature and elegant look.  Last year was a vibrant year for me but I am thinking of having more a pastel, earth-tone color this year (I'll do it slowly due to my budget constraint). 

I have collected few designs from Najjah and zLeqha boutique that I really adore.  So, enjoy!

1.  Casual Wearing 

2.  Skirts and Work Attire

3.  Long Dresses and Jubahs

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