Friday, January 21, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Due to an urgent matter, Cik Peah and family had to go back to Johor yesterday right before announcing the winner.  That caused the delay of announcing the result.

So..Are you ready? The winner for this contest is:

PapaBear from KisahBeruang
with his post 19 Loves

and the runner up goes to:

Harissa from Dari Laptop Harissa
with her post What Is Love

All of your posts are really amazing and for that reason, Cik Peah is giving out a little something-something for everyone.....Thank you so much for giving a big effort to write...So, to all of the contestants, please email your surat-menyurat address to this email address:  because I'm going to give a bit of my love to you......

Once Again, thank you so much y'all
1. Sara Ahmad from That Cute Little Romper
2. Aqila Cutie from To Be Someone
3. K.Emy Mafia from Bungaoren
4. Apit Nagekeciks from Realm Of Skicekagan
5. Nurhafiz from ALL IN ONE
6. Yati from Tirai Hyt
7. Papabear from Bear,Diah and Pasha
8. Mrs Zurin from Airis Oasis
9. Miss Ran from Miss Ran
10. Iina from Aku dan Glasgow: Pengalamanku di Bumi Scotland
11. Iera Syahira from Through My Colors Of Life
12. Mama Noein from Ein's Motherhoodlife
13. Baby from Baby-Pose
14. Shira from Dari Laptop Harissa
15. Mrs Azhir from My life in my eyes and your heart :)
16. Nana Kimie from All You Need Is Love
17. NOA from Nama Saya Noraliza
18. Cute Momma:  boleh provide link di sini?

The winners are picked based on readings after readings from 3 judges -> myself, Mr Shan and my lovely cousin, Sara who is sailing with LOVE at the moment. 

......Love ya all and thank you so much.....

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