Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Sudoku and Drive....

Stressful .  Not a good start for 2011, eh?  Anyway, I have been juggling these stress for a couple of months now, and hopefully it will ease up soon.  This is not a complaint but blogging can be a stress reliever.

To cut a long story short, I bumped in into one of my worst traffic jam.  I put on the radio, but there's nothing good to sing along.  I ransacked my handbag, but there's nothing to munch.  I called Mr Shan, chatted for 10 minutes or so..and kept on calling him until he bored.  So, I played with the handphone and found this SUDOKU game which I have never played before. 

Thanks to my lil cousin Sara for giving me a 3 minutes of SUDOKU lesson.

If anyone interested in playing, checkout these links:
Notakaki:  I used to like the evening traffic jam, because it is a free reality show.  I have seen people digging their nose while driving and couples fighting, hitting each other and mourning in their car.

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