Monday, January 10, 2011

Climbing The Family Tree: Pot Luck Night!

A long time ago, my mandailing ancestors came all the way from Indonesia and reached Tanah Melayu with the intention to bring up their generations in a more promising land.  My grandmother and her 3 brothers (2 were deceased) were born and raised up in Kampung Selayang, survived the wars (British / Japanese / Communist) and more importantly they witnessed the rapid changes of Kolumpo .

That was then.  The family keeps on expanding years after that.  The bigger the family is, the harder it is to keep the big family attached.  Now, we are trying to tie up the loosen knots and hopefully we are much closer than before. "Read More" for more photos..

Now, pictures below are courtesy from the dedek and mamanoein....thank you guys...(my battery tetiba kong) all the family was so fun to gather the whole family for one night. Batu 5.... Sentul (Seyntul bukan Sentul yerr...:P)..

...sape lagi..kalau Keramat!...

..It was a fun night for us...hope u guys had a fun one too...

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