Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm just too tired...

Hiya fellas...

Wow...it seems like ages...I feel really really bad abandoning this blog for quite sometime, and yes! I do miss blogging and you guys too.  What's up people!!! 

As for me, I've been living a wreckful life.  The truth is, I am very busy with my non-promising career life right now.  It has eaten up most of my precious happy days, and I live day to day by putting up a very big imaginary sign board 'Peah, take a deap breath and smile..'.

This was what happened:

Few months ago, the company was awarded with a small project.  Being me, I've always like to be in a new project.  I've always like meeting new people.  Even better, I was just being nominated to be the SA for it.  Great news! I'll be nothing but just a plain SA.

A month after the project kick-off meeting, the initial Project Manager ran away and the boss started to find a new replacement, whom he finally chose me.  I was not really excited though, as I frequently keep on receiving new heavy workloads, and definitely no interesting compensations were being offered.  The biggest mistake that I made was accepting the offer.

But then I realized, that was not really the biggest mistake of all.  The ultimate mistake was to receive the offer while I am so excitedly wanting to leave.  Even worst, I am working with these highly dedicated people that I have worked with before.  I am in agony.

I hope that I don't complaint that much now, I am still finding ways on how to be my normal-me for at least until this mid year.

I'll see u guys later....

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