Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Own Version of Cooking Paste..

Most working mommies do not really cook these days, because it is tiring.  Especially to those who work far away from their home, like myself.  Imagine you alone to do the cuttings and choppings, stirring, and finally washing the dishes.

One of my 2011 resolution is to cook dinner every day.  Previous years, this just happened like at most 3 times a week.  My new cooking strategy is working for months now and the whole family is happy with it.

Steps To Make Daily Cooking a Success
  • Buy air tight containers (for the cooking paste). 
    • I prefer to use Lock & Lock. (you can find it at Houz Depot, Isetan, Living Quarters)
    • It is 100% Air, liquid and moisture tight.  Proven as claimed.
    • I bought 10 small containers.
  • Set a list of menu for 5days - 7 days weekly
    • List out the ingredients/recipes.
  • Go to the market on weekends.
    • The nearest we have here is Pasar Tani.
  • Divide the fish/beef/chicken/prawns..etc accordingly into their containers.
  • Spend 4 hours of paste making for each menu, pack it in the containers and label it....
The most exciting part is to be able to save 50% weekly on our budget.  Happy Cooking!

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