Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy Mother's Day!

In this 20th centuries, more are having friend-to-friend kinda relationship with their mothers.  Mothers nowadays are easy to talk to and more open mind.  However there is always a thick line between you and your mother which is called 'RESPECT'.  I've seen few disrespect their mothers and that thick line is losing somewhere .

What do you remember about your mother?  My mother is a 'home' to me.  That needs 32 years of listening, shoulder to cry at, self treatment, advice department, home made cooking...and the list grows.  My mother is not perfect, but she is the perfect role model to me.  My mother never differentiate people based on education, money and status.  She always has a good point behind another.

Day-to-day advice that I still get from my mother
  • No matter how successful you are, never forget to perform Solat and Doa as Allah can snap it out at any point of time.
  • No matter how much you earn in the future, the loaded people are the ones who manage their financial well.  Its better to have thick cash in the pocket (metaphor that my parents always use).
  • No matter how high your status is, remember to bring your moral values with you.  ADAB is number one subject that all must learn.
  • Remember to send your children to 'Sekolah Agama' (evening school). 
As for myself, I hope that I can be a 'mother' to my children.  I'm working, live in KL and always go home late, and at the moment those do not qualify me as a good mother.

Anyway, Happy mother's day to all of the mothers out there and always love your mom as her love to you is infinite.

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