Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Work from/at home?

I was thinking about this for so long and finally I told my family about my 10 years plan.  I want to work from home once my eldest reaches 13.  She is now 3+.

Being a salary woman for 10 years now, makes me a working machine day in and day out.  Everything should be in places before I go to work.  At work, tasks must be settled according to datelines and once reaches home, needless to say, the housewife duty comes next.  Before 10, my body all worn out.

The first thing that I am looking at for this future-self-transformation is psychology preparation.  Having a short break is fun, but after a while, will my brain slowly ceasing? Will I feel depressed? Will I go mad?  I heard stories from many housewives who want to go back to work after 2 - 3 years of break.

Then budget plan pops out.  We have been following the same budget plan and now its at it's peak where we need to pay the house mortgage, car installments, study loans. etc.  This is still under planning and discussion with Mr Shan as we need to clear up few debts if we want to make this work.

So, I have started doing a bit of research and try 'googling' what kind of part time jobs that suits me.  Data entry sounds nice, ya.  Hopefully by the time reaches, I am all set to go. 

All these goes to the reason why I want to have early retirement.  There's only one answer:  Its all about the children.  Teenage years have the most memorable moments in our lives.  I just want to be there for my kids for every good and bad moments that happen to them.  Just like my mother.

And its a good practice too before we really go into the retirement age.

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