Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarinah Department Store, Jakarta

It is easy to find handicrafts/kerajinan in Jakarta.  I browsed through the net and found few places as such Jalan Surabaya, Ancol Art Market, Plaza Grande, Glodok and Alun-Alun Indonesia.  However, due to time constraint, we decided to go to Sarinah Department Store.  which is only 20 mins walk from Mandarin Oriental.

Sarinah Department Store has 5 levels.  Handicrafts are placed at Level 5.  You can also find batik and muslim attire at Level 3 and 4.

I was so excited once we reached the 5th floor.  You can find lots of things ranges from fridge magnets, key chains to paintings and art sculptures made of wood, rattan, brass metal, etc..  

Wooden Coasters:  Rp 125.000
Wooden Bowls (Range):  Rp 125.000 - Rp 250.000
Wooden Trays:  Rp 250.000 - Rp 450.000

Fridge Magnets (each):  Rp 20.000 - Rp 35.000

Sculptures:  Rp 400.000 - Rp 1.600.000

Paintings:  Rp 250.000 - Rp 4.000.000

To view more pictures of us at Sarinah Dept Store, please click:  Sarinah Department Store

Some who have shopped in Bali, Yogyakarta would find this place a bit pricey, but it would be more expensive if its in Malaysia.  I found difficulties to find stuff with reasonable price but made it at the end.  

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