Sunday, June 10, 2012

London: Horse Guards, Downing Street, Big Ben

One thing I like about London is everywhere in London is accessible.  Traffic jams are hardly to be seen.  But of course, there is once in a while, especially when riots take place in few of the places.  I believe London has the best public transportation by far next to Singapore.

Our 2 hours historical stroll started off from Trafalgar Square to Horse Guards, then Downing Streets and Big Ben.  Horse Guards functions as the Queen's stables.  This is the first checkpoint for the mounted troopers before they heading towards the Buckingham Castle for the Changing Guards activity.  Only the monarch is allowed to drive though the archway.  However, you can jog and even visit the Household Cavalry Museum if you want to.  I think its free.  

Afterwards, we strolled down towards the Downing Street.  Building no 10 is the official residence of the British Prime Minister.  It is strictly secured and from time to time you can see reporters at the entrance for news coverage and definitely it is one of the favorite places for the pro-democracy demonstrations. 


Walked straight afterwards, and you will soon see the famous Big Ben.  It is located at the Westminster Road.  Ask around if you are not sure as they are few roads heading to different places at the Westminster area.  You may continue your journey towards the London Eye or take a cruise at the famous Thames River.  We opted for the cruise.  

More pictures posted at my Photobucket. Click thumbnails below to enlarge photo.

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