Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peah Speaks #1

This week is rather a very confusing one for me.  A rough mixture of feelings creeping in me like spora spreading colonial mutants in my head.

1.  Am I complaining that much?
I've been listening to people complaining about their job, their dissatisfactions, harsh rumors going around and yet I keep on giving less effort understanding their true feelings.  I even had, the guts telling my friends once,  
'Do not rattle my friend. If you are not getting it here, just leave'. 
And guess what? I am whining now.

2.  Special Treatment?   
Some people get the thought that I may have a bit of this.  I don't my dear friends.  I'm just like you.  The only different is that sometimes my thought may speaks loud whenever necessary.  That really shut my case No 1.
Anyhow, should we be getting any?  Salary hike, I must say yes.

3.  From 4k to 18k?
I was blogwalking yesterday and found out that someone in his twenties earning 18k per month. MLM? Nope.  He is an employee of a company though. How can your salary differ this much?  How can that be? Even though I'm still shaking my head hard, I am still very proud of my own malay breed achiever. But still ...How is that possible? I really need an immediate answer for this.

I'm signing out now!  Sorry for issuing ultimatums.



bungaoren said...

so what should i say?
says.. we should have 3hours to gossipping nih..! cukup ka?

peah @ peps said...

hahaha..kak hemy...with you it may take 5 hours at least...

hyt said...


peah @ peps said...

hahaha..summary terus!

bungaoren said...

B+O oek...!

peah @ peps said... pun bole konpius ini...nak dermakan darah B+O +ve.. ni kat sesape tak?

ada sesapa mau???

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