Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peah Speaks #5

Couple Of Years Ago..

Me:  'boss..bole tanya sikit..Is there any ways nak revise salary kat sini..Bole apply tak..through HR..ke..atau  camana cara'..
Boss Lama:  'Kenapa..you nak resign?'
Me: 'Nope..Mr Gaara perlu di-revise gaji dia..I mean..he's a good programmer..and what's he's earning..here...mmg tak sepadan'
Boss Lama:  'Bla..bla..bla..SDLC...bla..bla..project involvement..bla..bla..achievement'
Me:  (ape bende mamat ni merepek..tak faham soklan kah)...
Boss Lama:  'You ingat kat luar tu senang ke..byk company susah..'
and so Mr Garaa resigned a year later..leaving the sand country to the leaf country..
and so did the boss...months afterwards...
Few years later with a different boss..
Me: ..(same questions)..
Boss: ..(same answers)...additional credit - 'Sabarlah'..
Me:...(same explanation)
Boss:..'You ingat kat luar tu senang ke..byk company susah..'

So To Speak
1.  This is what I realized in most of small/medium size company's life cycle...rarely a win-win situation..
2.  I am watching drama-spektra-TV1...these bosses have the same 'script'!...guess the scripts come together with the employment contract...
3.  My butt are tingling now...If I don't win this year...next year will open up a new diary for me...ya? no?



nagakeciks said...


ayat tuh sepatutnye "he's a good ninja" :p


biasalah bos2 , time ade xhargai...esok2 time nak blah , baru la macam2...

n biasa gak bos2 , layan spektra :p
lu ade opportunity , lu grab ... :-)

Ardina said...

era perpindahan dh nak bermula dah huhuhuhuh

baru amik training aritu bond sampai bila?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, I love your lively sense of humour. And nothing like laughter to bring out the sunshine or ease the stress away.
You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

- L e 3 n - said...

fiza, Just open a new diary. Better i think.. hehe

sHiBi said...

see, the skies are so wide. kan? tapi kejap cerah panas kejap gelap hujan, but after all, it's a sky. kan? hugssss =)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

peah @ peps said...


..wahaha..4 tahun..dah mule la kan nak demand...anyway..kena bond till next year kak dalin...

wah..mendapat sokongan padu ni..

..yes..the skies are so wide...

peah @ peps said...

Uncle Lee
thanks for the lovely comment ya Uncle...hope u'll still tip toeing in my blog....

by the way..what's ur blog's add...

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