Sunday, July 4, 2010

Teeny Tiny Kitchen..

The first time when I saw our kitchen floor plan, I felt a bit disturbed.  Its too small.  How could I fit in a breakfast nook, storage area and all the kitchen appliances in a 16' x 10' kitchen.  Until I found this floor plan from This Old House.   
Nice!  However we would be having few problems to copycat this design...
Kitchen Work Triangle. Hmm..where should I put the fridge...
Windows.  Sigh. We only have 1 small window.
Anyhow, I adore the settings, the terracota tiles for the floorings and the breakfast nook.  Not really a fan of the counter top and the blue strip tiles, though.  However the kitchen looks so comfy and easy to organize. 
Well, I may not be having my dream kitchen after all, BUT at least, with this tiny help, the kitchen will hopefully look pleasant and homey for the whole family.
Reference: Thank You This Old House.


^wirda^ said...

dulu pun penin nk pilih dapur2 nih..
dh buat..dh suka..
tp skrg rasa mcm nk tukar kaler lain plak...adoiii...

peah @ peps said... kan...kalau bole tukar-tukar kaler tu...

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