Monday, July 19, 2010

Peah Speaks #4

One Fine Evening...

95.8..Fly fm rush hour

DJ Jules:  Today..we are going to talk about 'who do you possibly want to be and impossibbly want to be'..
DJ Prem: 'Call us now at 03-XXXXXXXXX'


Caller:  'I would possibly want to be my boss..because I want to know how does it feel to ask your staff to work on the weekends'
DJ Jules:..(laugh)
DJ Prem:..(laugh)..'that's a cool one, man!'
Caller:  'I would impossibly want to be pierce brosnan..for his sexiness, charisma and a chick-magnet'
DJ Prem:...'How cool is that'..
DJ Jules:...'How weird is that for a man to complement another man..I mean..really?'..

and then ..there it goes...building castle in the sky....tink!
hmm...If I want to be someone...who would I want to be?

Who Do You Want To Be?

Alicia Keys!  great voice, gorgeous, rich, famous....

but I never lived her life it that great?

well people will never be grateful on things that they have....till the moment they lost it..
so..I am grateful for whoever that I am now...

..anyway..just for fun's sake....'Who do you want to be???'


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