Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peah Speaks #17: Mind, Body and Soul...

"How am I today?". Has anyone asked themselves this Q like every single day. I do. As we try too keep up with the rapid changes of development, we tend not to take 'health' (mind, body and soul) as our main concern.  Heavy workload, stacking househould chores, meeting stress; these are the bad side effects of us chasing success and money.

Mind boggling..that's what I usually have every nite:

  • What Time Should I wake Up?
  • What Time Should I Sleep?
  • Do I eat well?
  • Have my daughter and husband get enough of my time?
  • How much educational time have I spent with my daughter?

How Do I Cope With These?

I have my few ways of keeping me insane.  These are the imple steps that have helped me so far.

  • Take a very deep breath like 50 seconds or so. The right amount of oxygen helps out to stabilize the negative ions in your body.

  • Multivitamins. Deficient essential vitamins and minerals due to our depleted healthy diets may lead to exhaustions and fatigues.  Do not take more than the recommended dosage.  Both my husband and I are taking Surbix Zinc at the moment.

  • "Enough Is Enough". This is something that I haven't master yet. I put set of alarms in my handphone as a stopper for everything that I do. It has not successfully achieved so far.

  • For muslim, Quran recital is very comforting. Dawn(Subuh) is the best time for me to do so. 5 lines of it helps a million.

  • Talk to someone.  Definitely the one that we trust.  It seems like all problems being flushed away from your body. 
Have A non-stressful day today, everyone!



Del Glamiva said...

I agree with you. Deep breathing and definitely reading the Quran makes me forget about everything.

elani makrai said...

tue la kan, aku pon asyik plan macam2 tp slalu la susah nak achieve. then satu lagi, aku nie cpt na nak tdo bila malam. tak bole nak stay up sangat...huhuu

ok ke suppliments yg ko makan tue. nak gak mkn sumting to make me more energetic and ofcoz naik berat badan sket. tapi daffo x rekemen sgt, dia kata nanti aku tergemok macam mana...dia takot klu aku gemok hahahaa...

hmm tue la kan, kadang2 kita all the time in the world for our child, tp is it a quality one? hmmm...

bungaoren said...

semuat saya agree.. tapi sangat agree with the last one.. so.. do you trust me?

Cheqna said...

Salam Cik Peah,

good tips..except d part of taking vitamins tu ~ I dont even follow proper medications whenever I fall sick..hehe

n I do need to take deep breath..slowing down and relaxing a bit :)

peah @ peps said...

Del Glamiva surely does..thanks del!

peah @ peps said...

elani makrai far provides energy, zinc mostly...jgn la makan byk2 multivit. aku just amek satu.

peah @ peps said...

..cewahhh..yela betul a tu...
u trust ai jugak kan...wink..wink..

peah @ peps said...

Cheqna depends also kan...multivitamins tgk..if we consume more than we should...bole rosakkan organ badan...

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