Monday, December 20, 2010

UNIQLO, Kuala Lumpur

After those dreadful working days, I took my family one day out to Bukit Bintang.  Well it was actually more to feeding my desire wanting to go to UNIQLO.  After stopped by at Low Yatt to drop Mr Ayah's laptop, we strolled along the Bintang Walk avenue while licking that expensive 5-ringgit-Turkish-Ice-Cream and then headed to the 'destination'.  I haven't 'lepakking' in Bukit Bintang for quite some time now,  even so, the place is still as happening as ever..

Anyway, I grabbed 2 turtleneck tops which only cost me less than RM 50 for both.

..awek2 Jepun..

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