Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hollywood Mommies

Gwen Stefani with her 2-year-old Zuma

Jessica Alba with Honor

Halle Berry and Nahla

Gwen Stefani with Kingston

Jennifer Garner with her 5-year-old Violet and 2-year-old Seraphina

Angelina Jolie and her 2-year-old Knox
Britney Spears with Jayden

Heidi Klum with daughter, Leni and son, Lou

Desperate Housewife, Marcia Cross with 3-year-old twins Eden/Savannah

Melissa Joan Hart with her son, Mason

Christina Aguilera with her 2-year-old, Max

Ashlee Simpson with her baby Bronx
Now, mommies...are you thinking of changing your wardrobes/style?
and daddies...whatcha you have/want hot mommies to ur babies?
and you single people...get hooked up and have fashionably fun with your babies.....


iera@Syahira said...

hot mommies and cuties babies..nice entry.. :)

nora said...


Del Glamiva said...

Errrr....peah, i can't paste the code here, comment doesn't allow textarea.

Cheqna said...

hi cikPeah,

I'm actually out of touch about names of hollywood stars..even those from the tv series that I watch day in day out..haha..

and my dress sense ~ fesyen sepanjang zaman ~ so I dont have to worry about being fashionable..hehe


absolutely emy said...

they are hot..
and i like the cheqna dress sense 'fesyen sepanjang zaman'

papabear said...

i was expecting cik peah and raina for the last photo...hmmmm.... :p

sara ahmad said...

nice.. among my top hot hollywood mommies pun.. yup, kena tukar wardrobe ni.. hahaha..

nome said...

walaupun dah jadi derang still glam dan vouge...mmg tabik spring la!

elani makrai said...

tue la, duk kat umah pon mesti berstylo...baru best kan?

efyna.pinkladies said...

woaah. dapat hot mama camni best. :) mama saye pon hot jugak. ngee~

kerangRebus said...

sy suke gilez kat jenifer grner..gile agak da...ank die memang h0t hot hot kiut! :)

Nava.K said...

happening mums, should be that way.

ZuRin said... wanna be hot gucci mama too like them...tapi rasenyer kena kasi kurus ini badan dulu baru....zassss dabomb!

absolutely emy said...

setuju dengan papabear.. :)

peah @ peps said...

sangat hot kann...hoho..i wanted to do that in the first place..tapi...takut kang..instead of looking hawttt...i may look like a maid...huhuuuuuu

enyheartsdiamond said...

i'll be like them :p

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