Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peah Speaks #19: "Coupling" Trend

A very subjective topic indeed.  Should we or shouldn't we?  Religiously it is forbidden, something that cannot be compromised.  However, when the devils hit the station no one can stop the train.

When I flashbacked my teen years, I could be satisfied of my doings.  Fyi, I was never alone.  I always have both a fling and definitely friends.   

However, the coupling trend can be misunderstood by the youngsters, which may lead to illegal pregnancy.  When you are in LOVE, the next thing you should think about is "How to protect yourself?"

  • Keep the parents' record plays on
The minute when your gf/bf wants to touch more than your hands, start playing the parents' images in your head.  DO NOT click the pause button.  Let the images play on and on and on.  That definitely worked for me..

  • Keep on saying 'No,No,No'
This really needs a 'superpower' force.  You may neglect this point, but you have to have the strength to say 'NO'.  At the moment when your bf/gf invites you to a 'romantic' getaway, starts giving good excuses to decline.

  • Never ever push away your F.R.I.E.N.D.S
One of my ex-bf demanded me to ditch all the good quality friends/bff that I have had for more than 5 years at that time.  But I chose not too, instead I ditched him for many good reasons.

Good friends give you different perspectives.  Their thoughts may hurt your feelings at times, but if they really care about you, they will drag you back to reality.

  • Remember this: LOVE can be confusing
This is truely subjective, but it is true.  Especially to the young ones.  LOVE does not means SEX uols.  Remember this darlings...

Have to read all these, does not mean that you cannot have a boyfriend.  Its just my mini pocket tips of surviving my "coupling" moments that I want to share.  LOVE is fun.  Its a beautiful gift that must be kept sacred and not be deterred.

Anyway, you would not want to be having meals alone, by yourself,  through out your life, right? 

..My hope is to help you young people, so that one day you will help my children too...

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