Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peah Speaks #18: Challenges of a Working Mommy

Thanks to a dear friend collegue for giving me this idea.  I am surrounded with friends that have resigned and be a stay-at-home-mome recently, and half of me wanting to move on to their side of the world.
I have 'these' in mind. Should I do freelance job? Should I do part time job? Business? I talked to my parents and husband and they didn't seem delighted of my future plans.
I like talking to Mr I, my collegue about kids and upbringing.  He is someone to me, can give me ideas in the most religious way,  which i really need the most.  And when I told him about this, his respond was this:
Mr I: "Why do you want to quit your career?"
Me: "emm..because I want to have more time with the kids and family..but it won't be now...maybe in 5 years' time"
Mr I: "I don't think that's a good idea"..
..shocking..because i thought that he would have agreed...
After nearly an hour of 'muhasabbah'..I understood his objectives.  These were thrown to me during the discussion... 
  • Am I contributing financial stability to the family?
  • Am I a well-organized person?
  • Am I a workaholic staff?
  • Do I perform my 5 times solat every day?
  • Do I have faith in Allah to protect my children and family?
  • Do I give my family good/halal food?
  • Do I spend certain amount of time with my children and family?
Its all about quality food, quality time, quality bonding and 'doa' in developing a good family.  I have my answers to these you?

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