Friday, December 17, 2010

Tempat Makan Best Kat JB

JB..gereekk sehhh...but not all places are good, though...anyway...these are the spots that we went for our short trip to JB and there is a lot more of good places that you can go for Jalan Jalan Cari Makan...

Restoran Melayu Village
Location:  LIDO
Service:  4 bintang
Interior/Exterior:  5 bintang
Food:  1 bintang
What to order:  Thai dish / Ikan Bakar / Western Food

...check out more pictures below..

Warung Kurniawan

Location: Kg Kurnia
Service: 3 bintang
Interior/Exterior: 1 bintang
Food: 5 bintang
What to order? Nasi Lemak & Sup Gear Box

Nasi Lemak Anggerik

Location: Permas Jaya
Service: 3 bintang
Interior/Exterior: 1 bintang
Food: 5 bintang
What to order? Nasi Lemak Berlauk

Kacang Pool Haji

Location: Medan Selera Larkin
Service: 4 bintang
Interior/Exterior: 2 bintang
Food: 5 bintang
What to order? Kacang Pool and Air bandung special ada ice cream / ABC special durian

There are more recommended places to go...mcm that banafe place & nasi kukus senibong...tak sempat la..

Other places that Cik Peah would recommend:
Kupang Masak Cili Sedap - Restoran Sri Bayu, Larkin
Steamboat - Rawa Steamboat


Cheqna said...

Hope u all have had fun bercuti-cuti Malaysia.


nome said...

tu dia! macam2 ada...cedap2 lak tuh

elani makrai said...

hadoi, dh la lapar gile aku nih...

p/s: ja, aku rasa ko bole jadi host for jalan2 cr seems like u know all the places to find food for the soul hahha

Cikgu Nizam said...

wow.. Berbunyik perut huhu... salam ziarah

Ein Auzai'y said...

makan..makan...and more makan...betul cakap adik tue....

peah @ peps said...

meh meh datang jb...mcm mcm ado...

thomas said...

First time i see someone playing angklong in a restaurant.

sara ahmad said...

wahhh.. great that you enjoy food macam i.. seronok tgk u tried this place and that place.. nikmat hidup yang best, makan! hahaha.. insyaAllah will try few places that you suggested.. i would love to try the one kat Giza tuh.. hehehe.. can't remember the name, but for sure will refer to your previus posts for it.. hehehe..

nba-Nur said...

Salam.. Memang best makan kat Restoren Malay Village dan Kacang Pool Haji tu.. Highly recommended kalau datang Johor. One more, lamb chop Restoren Nurfifin dan ABC Special(satu baris dengan restoren Kacang Pool Haji dekat dengan Balai Bomba Jln Skudai)

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