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Historical Kuala Lumpur 1890 - 1980

My mother; whom a pure kl breed; always tell me that KL was a very peaceful place in 1960s; during her upbringing.  She used to tell us how similar Likas, Sabah straight was with KL in the 60s, during our stay in Kota Kinabalu sometime in 1995 - 1998.  She really loved the trees, the roads and the surroundings everytime we drove from KK to Likas.  It brought up her old memories. 

My mother and her family used to stay in Bukit Bintang in the sixties, and their used-to-be-home's address is now owned by LOT 10.  How about that? I always wonder, if the quarters was not demolished, our kampung would have been in the middle of the city. 

So, how well do you know the history of KL? 

How about checking out these photos, just to feed us with a bit of information about KL.

Ampang Park - 1960s

Bukit Aman before 1900

Bukit Bintang, 1950 - Those kampung houses now are Starhill, Marriott.
Specially dedicated to my cousins, ein, dedek, baby, and ct...the field before the gates was actually the field of your school, BBGS which now is Pavillion...

Kg Baru during the Japanese attacks..

Kg. Baru before 1900

Kg. Baru 1960s

Jalan Tun Perak, 1926 (Jalan Jawa)

Jalan Tun Perak, before 1960s (Jalan Mountbatten)

Sg Besi Airport, 1960s

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, 1960s

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad during Japanese attacks..

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, Japanese attacks

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad 1897

Central Market 1960s

Central Market 1930s

Central Market 1980s

Keretapi Tanah Melayu , 1910

Keretapi Tanah Melayu, before 1960s

Keretapi Tanah Melayu, 1960s

Keretapi Tanah Melayu, 1960s

Petaling Street, 1900

Petaling Street 1910

Petaling Street 1960s

...Japanese troops mopped Petaling Street...

Pudu Jail, 1896

Pudu, 1960s

Medan Pasar, 1900

 Medan Pasar, 1960s

Chow Kit Road (Batu Road), 1960s

Cathay Cinema, Chow Kit Road, 1960s

High Street (Jalan Tun H S Lee),1899

Masjid Jamek, 1909

Lake Garden, 1960s

National Museum, 1960s

Dataran Merdeka, before 1900

Parliament, 1956

Jalan Keretapi, 1960s

Jalan Pasar (Pasar Road), 1960s

Tugu Negara during Communist attack..

Tugu Negara, 1960s

Selangor Pewter, Batu Road, 1960s

Selangor Turf Club, 1895... is called KLCC


iera@Syahira said...

sungguh klasik ini pictures..dapat juger tgk some of building around 1900's..

nora said...

bukit bintang??? wow ada budak2 lepak tak dat time huhuhuhu

absolutely emy said...

wooo.. sangat klasik.. kereta lembu kat bukit aman..
but i very the like yang paling last tu.. jalan bukit bintang..

papabear said...

love this... rasa in 60s lagi best... aman damai ada lebih banyak pohon dari vehicles...

nome said...

kl dulu sgt best...penoh dgn pokok2..sure pagi2 sejuk jer...but now? comment!

Ein Auzai'y said...

Ja, Thank for the memory of Bukit Bintang.....Love it so much....

enyheartsdiamond said...

eny suka jalan-jalan and shopping kat bukit bintang :)

peah @ peps said...

..kan..once in a while..kite tgk2 history tempat least we know how lucky we are now..

peah @ peps said...

...definitely ada...nora..bukit bintang tu..dulu tapak pesta..funfair dulu byk buat kat bukit bintang ler babe..

peah @ peps said...

absolutely emy
..dapat imagine la...area bukit aman...yg berbukit tu..penuh ngan lembu...area situ..still okay lagi..pokok2 masih well preserved..

peah @ peps said...

...i am totally agree with you papabear...

peah @ peps said...

nome mcm dlm oven kekadang...takpe nome..skang byk tempat makan kite leh redah, kan...:)

peah @ peps said...

ein auzai'y
..ur welcome cous...thanks juga..jadi my guide (7 eleven / sungai wang/ mcD/ starhill - makan grass jelly kat food court lama tu. / lot 10)...selama daku bersekolah di situ..

peah @ peps said...

...yeah...siapa lagi nak meriahkan BB tu...kalau tak muda mudi...:)

Unknown said...


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I will be looking forward for your reply.

Best regards,

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